How is the BID levy calculated and collected?

The BID levy for the 5 year period is based on the 2005 non-domestic valuation of the property and is not affected by the 2010 revaluation. The Highland Council is the designated billing authority and collects the BID levy on behalf of Inverness BID Ltd. Businesses receive an invoice for payment in one instalment as at 1st April each year.

Who is eligible to pay BID Levy?

As the majority of businesses in the BID area voted in favour of the creation of the business improvement district, then all business property owners and occupiers in the BID area are eligible to pay BID levy. The current levy of 1% is applied to each business property. The invoice will split 50:50 between the property owner and the tenant. i.e. An invoice for half the levy will be sent to the landlord and an invoice for the other half will be sent to the business occupier of the premise. Where the business is owner occupied as is the case with many independent stores, the owner-occupier pays the full 1%.

Are there exemptions and reliefs from the BID levy?

Yes, businesses with a rateable value (based on the 2005 valuation) of less than £8,000 will be exempt from paying the levy. Churches and established places of worship are also exempt from the levy as they are not run as businesses and are unlikely to see an increase in their income as a result of Inverness BID activity. In addition, although properties in the Eastgate Shopping Centre and the Victorian Market will, along with all other eligible businesses contribute a 1% levy towards BID projects, the Eastgate shopping centre will be able to contribute up to 40% of the amount due as “in kind” support, subject to agreement of the BID Board. Likewise, properties in the Victorian Market: Academy Street Arcade, Market Hall and Queensgate Arcade will be able to contribute up to 30% as “in kind” support.

What is the position with charities?

Charity shops do pay BID levy as like any other city centre business they benefit from marketing and improved retail environment. However, non retail charities operating in the BID area are not charged the levy.

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