BID have been asked by Highland Council to circulate the letter below which explains the urgent works which will start in Church Street at 8pm on Monday 29th November.

Hopefully the works will go well but as explained below, if they encounter problems, the potential is that the works will be required to continue for a further 2 to 3 days with the closure of Church Street necessitating exit from the area via Bank Lane.

A route plan showing the alternative routes, supplied by Highland Council, is shown.

Dear Sir/Madam

The Highland Council is advising motorists, residents and businesses that BT Openreach have instructed their contractor to carry out work on Church Street, Inverness (next to the former Asher’s Bakery premises), as a matter of urgency.

Work is programmed to be carried out overnight and will commence at 8pm Monday 29 November 2021 with an anticipated completion time of 6am the next morning – pending excavations. Noisy elements of the work will be carried out before 10:30pm with hand digging overnight.

The works location has been affected by subsidence and, as a result, the excavation works could result in complications arising. If the works are not completed (due to potential unforeseen causes of the subsidence) this may result in the road remaining closed for 2 to 3 days, which could have implications for buses and delivery vehicles.

In the event of the road remaining closed after 6am on Tuesday 30th November, the Council will arrange for Bank Lane to be opened to vehicles. Delivery vehicles will be able to access Union Street and Baron Taylor Street as normal, but will require to exit using Bank Lane. Delivery vehicles requiring to access premises around the Union Street/Church Street junction area will be allowed to turn left onto Church Street (at Coffee Affair – currently no entry to vehicles) before turning right into Bank Lane. Banksman assistance will be provided for those businesses located on Church Street (between Union Street and the road closure area).

Adjacent is a location plan showing the alternative routes. The road closure area is shown highlighted in orange. The alternative route for vehicles using Baron Taylor Street is shown highlighted in red. An alternative route for vehicles accessing premises on Union Street (between Academy Street and Lombard Street) is shown highlighted in green. The alternative route for vehicles accessing premises on Union Street (between Lombard Street and Church Street) and on Church Street is shown highlighted in blue.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on (01463) 644189, or at the email address provided above, or alternatively Andy McMann of KN Networks Services on 07870 513526.

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